Thursday, May 20, 2010

tRip to M@sinAguDi..

Though i do not knw much blogging, i wud like to share some brief exp of our dept trip to m@sinagudi, tamilnadu..

08/05/2010 : After so much planning finally the day came.. the day our trip was planned... evryone (including meee) was in hyper excitement.. Masinagudi.. in Tamilnadu.. a Jungle Resort called GlenView..

v left B'lore around 6.30am... had b'fast @ Shivalli Restaurant @ 8.30am... thn once charged up.. started wit our games.. antakshari, pick n act.. it was gud fun..

Masinagudi seemed to b a small town with quite some tourists like US.. whoz been there 2 visit nearby resorts.. After reachin masinagudi , had our lunch thn went for a small trekking.. inside the deep Jungle...
Though v could not find any animals, it was an awesome exp into the jungle.. v ver scheduled to visit a small lake.. aftr reaching, v gals did some photography here n der.. avoided getting dwn into the water (may b 2 avoid getting wet... dont hav any othr specific reason). but the guyz did hav lotz fun..
btw i 4got 2 describe our room.. v all 5 gals shared one room.. an AC room.. poor guys had 2 fight the mosquitoes n wat not.. :Pv already had many guests in r rooms.. like goose, rats & monkeys on the nearby trees... which ver getting too much friendly with us.. somehow v managed to pass the nite with some more games... dinner followed..
could not visit the jungle safari due to non-availability of transport dat day.. the resort seemed to be tooo ful that weekend.. thn v ver told 2 be ready by 5.30am nxt day for the jungle safari.. b4 itself v had an exp of a mini jungle safari in room dat nite :D

the nxt day during the safari, v found a grp of deers, a bison, some birds (whoz names i donno :( .. ) many many elephants & quite some peacocks.. was hoping to find some more animals but they say.. my b bad luck ..
while coming back we visited Gopalaswamy betta near Mysore... a small temple is located nearby.. though it was too hot v did hav a loong walk on the hill.. A beautiful place 2 visit.. check out da snap below 2 agree wit me .. :)

reached blore by 8.30pm. exhausted...!!!!

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