Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A ReuNion..!!!

I could not believe ma eyes.. i was meeting her after a span of 9 looong years.. she was one of my best friend then.. Those school days where fun, from paying lagori on the roads to chit chatting for long hours after school.. But let me be clear first.. she was too much studious.. indeed a rank holder, my neighbor, a very good, charming, intelligent, innocent gal, an MBBS aspirant.. & now finally a Doctor... dats Asma 4u all..!!!

It was only after our 12th, when we headed in different career path we lost touch with each other. May b it was also due to many new entrants into our lyf in the form of friends. Then suddenly there was a news of her marriage. But then again i couldn't attend it due to some other commitments. She finally got settled in Bijapur with her hubby (Hez a Ortho Surgeon) & we in Bangalore. we tried to meet up so many time but that never happened. Finally some dayz back came the news that her hubby is posted in Bangalore & Asma has accompanied him. finally we managed last weekend (me & Radhika) to visit Asma.

Shez the same Asma whom we knew 9 years back.. no changes at all.. da same innocent simple gal.. & My God.. her son.. Sufyan, too much naughty with his mom's luks, an adorable kid. God bless them..!!!

Pic Perfct...!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Place.. Ambikanag@r...!!!

Ambik@n@g@r.. the place where i was born & brought up... Love it the most...
If u do not know where it exists.. i would like to pen down a brief info about my Place.

It is a small project township approximately 17km from DAndeli in H@liyal taluk of Karwar district (Uttara kannada as popularly known) in Karnataka. Ambik@n@g@r is soaked in the green pristine environs of the Western Ghats. It is approx. 510 Kms from Bangalore.

This is a settlement built by KPCL (Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd) for its employees, spans approx 3 Square Kms. This settlement popularly known as colony is classified into two parts: 1st Colony and 2nd Colony. Both the colonies complement one another in terms of needs and facilities. If the 1st colony hosts Primary school, 2nd colony houses the High school. If the 1st colony houses the administrative office complex the 2nd colony caters to the shopping tastes .

Nagajhari hydel power station is approx 10Kms from the settlement. It is the 2nd of the hydel power station built across the river Kali. It has total of six generating units with a total installed capacity of 855 MW.

Places in & around Ambik@n@g@r:

1. Sykes point: which is about 5Kms from Ambikanagar offers is a splendid panoramic view of the River Kali flowing through the valley below.There is a temple near by on top of a small hill. This temple is inside a cave, This place is called "kavaa caves". This place offers a great part of the untouched part of the forests of the Western Ghats.

2. Kavala Caves : There are 375 steps which the tourists have to climb down to reach the entrance. Next they have to crawl down 40ft deep through winding, narrow tunnels to catch a glimpse of the naturally created Shiva linga.

2. Bommanah@lli Dam : Bommanah@lli pick-up Dam is the key component for the Nagjhari Power House and will divert all the water drained from Upper Kaneri, Supa and Tattihalla reservoirs to generate about 3385 MU of energy annually at Nagjhari Power House. The reservoir has a catchment area of 1683 sq km. This composite dam (masonry concrete and earthen) is 28.96 m high. 1025 m long, built across Kalinadi near Bommanahalli village near Ambikanagar with a gross storage capacity of 97 M cum.

3. Syntheri Rocks : Syntheri rocks are breathtaking and beautiful. This is on the banks of river kali, which later merges with kali river. This is located 28 km distance from dandeli town. Its beauty is breathtaking which is accentuated by the small waterfall that gushes into a deep rocky ravine. Pigeons flock the nooks of these rocks and rock bees have built their hives well protected from the elements of nature, while mahasheer fish inhabit the waters below.

4. Kulgi Nature Camps : The camp is located at a distance of about 5 km from the Ambikanagar in Kulgi village. This is a very popular place with the tourists for the tented accommodation facilities that it offers. Located in the middle of the forests, it has about twelve tents named after different birds. It is spread over a large area and makes for a comfortable stay while you are exploring the sanctuary.

5. D@ndeli :D@ndeli is the ideal vacation for nature lovers. D@ndeli wildlife sanctuary is a heady mix of nature, adventure and wildlife, is growing in stature as the leading tourist destination. D@ndeli offer more than the sundry outings and picnics. The region offers the best of adventure sports, eco-tourism and pilgrimage. Nature lovers come here for unforgettable moments in the midst of nature.White River rafting is also available.

List of Resorts/Guest Houses surrounding Dandeli :
1. Hornbill River Resort.
2. Bison Resort.
3. Jungle Lodges & Resorts.
4. White water Resort.
4. Old Magazine House.
5. Pansoli Guest House.


Had been to watch Raavan yesterday.. Its modern epic Ramayana.. based in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India.. Raavan is shown in a heroic role and the Ram in a cruel tendency.. Dev-Raagini are happily married.. well played by national-award winning South actor Vikram & Bacchan bahu.. Jr. Bacchan plays RaaVan.. as Beera.. hez a masihaah for poors.. living in Jungles.. Nikhil Dwvedi plays Laxman (who is also the bro of Dev)... Vikram acts well & speaks quite gud Hindi.. laxman hardly speaks.. Rama/Laxman are top cops.. Govinda plays Hanuman as Sanjiwini.. not much 2 mention about him.. he only jumps from one tree 2 another ;) .. Ravi Kishan does his part well.. and emerge as one of the best things in Raavan..

Dev is a tough police officer who is appointed to catch Beera.. During the marriage of Beera's sister, Dev attacks him. Meanwhile, Beera's sister gets detained by the police for interrogation, but gets gang raped by the police men. This irks Beera who wreaks a vengeance against the police. Thus Ragini is abducted by raavan to teach Dev a lesson.. The cop comes hunting for Raavan in the Jungle.. & the same story of Raamayan continues.. The movie scores on excellent and picturesque backgrounds.. just awesome places.. Athirappilly Falls, the jungles (of Karnataka, Kerala & Maharastra) .. a treat 2 watch...

The best thing in Raavan is Mrs Bacchan.. shez just mindblowing.. she has over showded all the other characters in the movie.. its like no1 else is existing in the movie when shez on screen.. (My God.. shez sooo good luking.. really :))

A one time watch for Movie buff's.. a must watch for Aishwarya worshipers... else forget it..!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

God save Meee..

Its feeling like Friday 2day.. though its not.. :( still one more day to go.. :'( Planning for Raavan on Sunday.. last movie i watched was in Fun Cinemas.. may b in Feb.. oooh my GOD... its been quite looong.. really... i dint realize..!!!! It was My Name is Khan.. had quite liked it.. Sharukhz gud always.. ;) haven't stepped into a theatre since then... actually never felt like watching any.. lets c how it goes this weekend..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

tRip to M@sinAguDi..

Though i do not knw much blogging, i wud like to share some brief exp of our dept trip to m@sinagudi, tamilnadu..

08/05/2010 : After so much planning finally the day came.. the day our trip was planned... evryone (including meee) was in hyper excitement.. Masinagudi.. in Tamilnadu.. a Jungle Resort called GlenView..

v left B'lore around 6.30am... had b'fast @ Shivalli Restaurant @ 8.30am... thn once charged up.. started wit our games.. antakshari, pick n act.. it was gud fun..

Masinagudi seemed to b a small town with quite some tourists like US.. whoz been there 2 visit nearby resorts.. After reachin masinagudi , had our lunch thn went for a small trekking.. inside the deep Jungle...
Though v could not find any animals, it was an awesome exp into the jungle.. v ver scheduled to visit a small lake.. aftr reaching, v gals did some photography here n der.. avoided getting dwn into the water (may b 2 avoid getting wet... dont hav any othr specific reason). but the guyz did hav lotz fun..
btw i 4got 2 describe our room.. v all 5 gals shared one room.. an AC room.. poor guys had 2 fight the mosquitoes n wat not.. :Pv already had many guests in r rooms.. like goose, rats & monkeys on the nearby trees... which ver getting too much friendly with us.. somehow v managed to pass the nite with some more games... dinner followed..
could not visit the jungle safari due to non-availability of transport dat day.. the resort seemed to be tooo ful that weekend.. thn v ver told 2 be ready by 5.30am nxt day for the jungle safari.. b4 itself v had an exp of a mini jungle safari in room dat nite :D

the nxt day during the safari, v found a grp of deers, a bison, some birds (whoz names i donno :( .. ) many many elephants & quite some peacocks.. was hoping to find some more animals but they say.. my b bad luck ..
while coming back we visited Gopalaswamy betta near Mysore... a small temple is located nearby.. though it was too hot v did hav a loong walk on the hill.. A beautiful place 2 visit.. check out da snap below 2 agree wit me .. :)

reached blore by 8.30pm. exhausted...!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Failure continues..!!!

Lost again...!!! feeling so bad for myself.. desperately want KKR in semis..

BTW got IPL I-Semifinals ticket in namma Bengaluru which is on 21st at Chinnaswamy stadium.. looking forward to it.. first time real time exp.. KKR reaching the semis & playing that day would be the icing on the cake.. else even MI playing would do.. at-least can get the master blaster exp..

today server is down in office.. German server.. so no work.. simply doing tp.. lots of work pending but cant help until serverz fine..

& haan finally Sania-Shoaib got married.. Congrats to them..!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yaayyy KKR won..!!!

Yaayyyyy.... at last KKR won..!!!! hope dis win continues & they reach Semi's.. it feels so good when Dada performs & the team does well.. :) i had lost interest in cric from the day he retired.. but i never miss a chance to follow up when he is playing... God bless him... Cheers for Dada...

Today a usual boring day.. with no much work.. checking mails every now n then... reading all the possible news, about whats happening in the world... it improves GK u see.. ;)