Monday, June 21, 2010


Had been to watch Raavan yesterday.. Its modern epic Ramayana.. based in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India.. Raavan is shown in a heroic role and the Ram in a cruel tendency.. Dev-Raagini are happily married.. well played by national-award winning South actor Vikram & Bacchan bahu.. Jr. Bacchan plays RaaVan.. as Beera.. hez a masihaah for poors.. living in Jungles.. Nikhil Dwvedi plays Laxman (who is also the bro of Dev)... Vikram acts well & speaks quite gud Hindi.. laxman hardly speaks.. Rama/Laxman are top cops.. Govinda plays Hanuman as Sanjiwini.. not much 2 mention about him.. he only jumps from one tree 2 another ;) .. Ravi Kishan does his part well.. and emerge as one of the best things in Raavan..

Dev is a tough police officer who is appointed to catch Beera.. During the marriage of Beera's sister, Dev attacks him. Meanwhile, Beera's sister gets detained by the police for interrogation, but gets gang raped by the police men. This irks Beera who wreaks a vengeance against the police. Thus Ragini is abducted by raavan to teach Dev a lesson.. The cop comes hunting for Raavan in the Jungle.. & the same story of Raamayan continues.. The movie scores on excellent and picturesque backgrounds.. just awesome places.. Athirappilly Falls, the jungles (of Karnataka, Kerala & Maharastra) .. a treat 2 watch...

The best thing in Raavan is Mrs Bacchan.. shez just mindblowing.. she has over showded all the other characters in the movie.. its like no1 else is existing in the movie when shez on screen.. (My God.. shez sooo good luking.. really :))

A one time watch for Movie buff's.. a must watch for Aishwarya worshipers... else forget it..!!!

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